Are you a lyricist and a singer/rapper and do you want to collaborate? I’m open to make some art together once we resonate with one and other. Send me your idea to my mail info[at]perdix[dot]com I’ll get back at you as soon as possible!

Our first release

Our first release is characterized by its up-tempo, driving disco rhythm. We started this production during the COVID lockdown. We simply missed going to the club and we wanted to take the club into the studio by producing a song and having fun. Jez Hummingbird wrote the lyrics and is the vocalist on this track and we were often in my studio to work on it. My cousin Ruben van Egmond is on the trumpet in order to give that celebratory cherry on the cake and make you swing that extra bit more.

    Thanks to:
    Anne Kalisch for the artwork
    Jez Hummingbird
    Ruben van Egmond

Disco Classic

Trippin Trappin

What can I say! Just a heavy but somehow chilled Trap beat. The track is detuned to 432Hz while producing.

We Are One

First Collaboration with the one and only Bobby Pearl a.k.a. @vibralampion. We wanted to honor the old way of making Hip Hop beats by Sampling and then jamming our own beat on top of it. We've sampled a small piece of "We Are One" from the great Acappella Company and we chose to layer it with a kind of modern trap beat.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop has been a big influence in my life. I've always loved the old school 90's sound from NY and LA. With this EP I've focussed on the East Side sound, which to me is always a bit more funky and jazzy. With that being said, I've also incorporated a view new elements/styles to keep it fresh. The 1st track "Check, Check" is very smooth. I've used some brass, a funky guitar riff, and organ chords to introduce you to my hip hop EP. The 2nd track "It's a Jazz Thing" is very ... Jazzy. The piano keys say enough, and I've tried to create some loose drums which bring the funk a lil bit in it. The 3th track "Funky Fresh" has got a mix of some old school vibes which are brought by the guitar and the trumpets, though I wanted to keep it fresh by adding a more 'Trappy' kinda beat to it. The 4th and last track "Wreck it" is the track which BANGS the most. The brass stabs that I used remember me of some good old school hip hop songs and, again, I added a fresher uptempo beat to it which makes you bump your head. Thanks to Jeanette Martens for the amazing painting job (Cover)!! The whole EP is completely detuned to 432Hz while producing.

African Element EP

The first release is a 4-track EP called ‘African Element’. The name is derived from the first track, which is characterized by the unique African Vocal and African Guitar play. The track is up-tempo and makes me looking forward to the summertime. The second track ‘Tribal Element’ brings a mellower vibe and is characterized by its soothing Synth, Tribal Vocal and Nature sounds. The first two tracks contain Vocals while the next two tracks are completely instrumental. This leaves room for interpretation and it could awaken the lyricist in you. So, the third track ‘Uncla Element’ derives its name from the typical pattern of the beat. Once you repeat the words ‘Uncla, Uncla’ a couple of bars with a certain swing, you know what I’m talking about. This track is an earworm, which instigates you to swing without you even knowing it. And last but not least, the track called ‘Caribbean Element’ has got this guiding guitar, which communicates with the Marimba - an instrument that always reminds me of sunny white beaches like in the Caribbean. And to top it off, the horns come in to glue the track together.